I am exhausted... at least my eyes are. I have spent most of the day, well, parts of the day updating my blog and building my new website. I'm not quite sure about the way the blog is inserted into the website, but I don't think there is anything I can do about it considering it's through a company that provides the service. Oh well.

If you are a true fan, of course, you'll notice that my new site is modeled after someone I'm quite fond of. What do they said about imitating? Flattery, right? I hope she feels that way.

Keep checking back for more updates, etc. I hope to keep on top of this thing. Especially with my trip to Florida for the USSSA Men's World Championship softball tournament and then my Italy trip in October.

Don't forget to add my new site to your favorites! You can visit it here.

blog addictions

Hey blog fans... (do I even have any?) LOL!!!

Well... this weekend was as I hoped, for the the most part. Eventless. Did the batting cage thing on Friday. Jason met me out there. Hit a little better, I think I finally figured out what went wrong on Thu - ugh! Still painful to think about.

Saturday was a relaxing day - spent most of it in bed. Was lazzzz-e! Did manage to get to the movies with John. We saw the new Matt Damon movie, the final installment of Jason Bourne - the Bourne Ultimatum. We thought it was great - some parts a bit far-fetched (seeing as I would know,) but some parts were convincing enough - LOL!

Today I haven't done much either - gosh I'm a lazy doofus! Went to my aunt's and uncle's house - it was my uncle Barney's birthday - 59 - woohoo! He has bought himself a new motor home and what a motor home it is. It's huge, practically the size of an entire home - crazy! You can fit three cars inside that thing. I'd be so afraid to drive it; undoubtedly, I'd run over something.

Then I played a little cornhole. I'm trying to get better at it, but it's not going so well. I need a lot more practice. And then I was off to softball practice, but apparently, I and only a few others were the only ones going to be able to make it, so they decided to cancel it. Guess I'll be hitting the batting cages this week instead.

Oh... and the reason for the title of this post. I have come to realize that I have a blog addiction. Not to my own, because I have also noticed that I am sometimes very lazy when it comes to posting on my blog - but reading others. In particular, Rosie's and Ross's. They are like crack. I can't get enough, not that I know what crack tastes like... tastes? or feels? or oh, I don't know. Anyway, you get my point - I'm addicted. Of course, I've only sent comments to Rosie on a few occasions - and, to my ultimate surprise - she answered one on her video blog when she was in her dressing room on The View and the second she posted on her site. I was sooo freegin' flippin' out it was ridiculous. Why? Why was I so excited when a person, whom I have never met and would problem just be dumbfounded if I did - get so worked up over a reply? Ah-ha... now I know what to talk about in my next therapy session. Maybe I'll send Ross a comment. It'll probably just send me over the edge, better not, just yet.

Although, I will have to try and do one of those video, talky blog thing-ga-ma-gin-gas one of these days. Not sure I'd be good at it, but I'd be willing to give it a go.

Well... I hope you have a great week - I'll keep you posted on mine - although it's definitely not as interesting as Ross's and Rosie's. I guess a 5 day a week, real job, doesn't get too exciting.


Hi bloggers! I know, I'm talking to myself - but hey, it's ok, as long as I don't answer myself, right? Right. (wait...)

Ah... TGIF. I'm so glad Friday made it here. It's been a busy week at work and I'm looking forward to taking it easy this weekend. No softball tournaments, no kiddos. Don't you just live for weekends like that?

I'm planning on spending some time at the batting cages this afternoon. (Ugh, my hitting performance at last night's game was simply horrid!) Then I'll head over to a friend's house, play some cornhole, cards and eat some BBQ! Maybe even take a dip in the pool. Basically lounge around and have a little fun.

Oh gosh, I just realized I need to update my photos - maybe I'll take a few pictures this weekend too.

So, whether it's reading a book or washing your car... do a little something for yourself this weekend. And most of all, have fun!


i am not a proud american today. mr. bush is selling the war in iraq - again. and we are still not buying it. mr. bush has systemically eroded our civil liberties in the name of patriotism and freedom. he has sanctioned rendition and torture in defiance of the geneva conventions. he has distorted the truth, disregarded intelligence reports, breached international law, and outright lied. is this the freedom for which our brave soldiers gave up their lives?

you should be outraged too

my girls

well, today i'm admitting one of my guilty pleasures - the golden girls. and yes, i'm talking about the 80's television hit sitcom. gosh, what would i do without Lifetime, "the television for those who claim to watch ESPN and SpikeTV (and do, most of the time), but won't publicly admit they watch." the golden girls reruns... a comedy like no other - they just don't make 'em like this anymore. and with the addition of my FAVORITE thing, tivo, i usually have 3-5 shows awaiting my attention when i get home from work.

ah... the golden girls: bed-hopping blanche, quick-witted sophia, wise, strong and man-troubled dorothy and sensitive, carefree, mindless rose. i have, shamefully and proudly, seen every episode (at least 20 times... and counting.) the only other thing i have seen more times... (my other guilty pleasure - the movie, Steel Magnolias.)

ah... the golden girls: my daily dinner guests. after a long day in the office, i come home - usually stopping at some fast food restaurant (well... 'fast' is stretching it), change into something more comfortable, plop down and go straight to the 'now playing list' on tivo - and there they are - my girls. no matter how bad a day - my girls - are there to make it all better.

today was the rerun of the show's finale - i cried. gosh, i'm such a sap... without a life!

campaign ads vs. tivo

well, they have begun - the campaign ads, both locally and nationally and all i can say is that i have never been so thankful for tivo. after the last mud slinging, name calling, finger pointing fiasco, i'm happy to be able to zip right through them this year. trust me, you aren't going to make a decision on how to vote for from an television ad - go online, do research, look at previous voting histories - learn more about who you want to put into office. yea, i know - the people's vote doesn't account for much - we learned that when Gore won, but didn't - but remember, you can't complain or praise for that matter, if you don't vote.

unfortunately, i live in "kentuckiana" (kentucky & indiana ohio valley region) - where campaign ads from both Kentucky and Indiana are televised - double my pleasure. and before tivo, i had to result to channel-flipping, which you can imagine, will drive anyone else in the room screaming for another television set to watch. but no more - no more accidental thumb injuries, no more screaming back at the poorly technicolored, idiotic, mind numbing , clueless republicans - my savor is now my tivo - and if he (yes, he - tivo is family, he's become one of my closest friends) fails me - there are two more just like him in other rooms. so bring d'em ads on... i'll be zipping through them like they were useless orbit chewing gum ads

rise up

i'm in one of the moods today

i'm sick and tired of this administration

we, as American's, need to use our 1st amendment right

stand up against this tyrant